looking for cheap but good laptop
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Looking for a reliable and Windows laptop under $600. It will not travel much, so weight is not much of an issue. what are your best recommendations?
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Response by poster: oh, it has to be new, maybe with a decent warranty and repair plan included, and powerful enough to work well for the next few years.
Usage: typing, Internet, photo and movie editing mainly.
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For brand new with a warranty, you're going to find slim choices unless you find an xmas special, but the Dell Vosotro seems to be about the best all around package right now off the shelf.

On preview, what jtfowl0 said.
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I would get the Vostro 1500. After tax you are a little over your $600 but that is a sweet laptop.
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$600 is just on the edge of buying a laptop that will be fast enough to last a while.
In my opinion, the line that seperates the budget, this-is-my-first-computer laptops from nice machines that are in the sweet spot for technology-to-price are $800-$1000.
With it being shopping season, put in some time looking around and you can probably find some sweet deals out there.
Another thing to think about would be trying to get XP (it can be challenging to find) or giving in and taking Vista (which, again, in my personal opinion, is a PITA, even if there are a few nifty new features).
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I really like Dells but they nickel and dime you on the little things.

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