Package forwarding?
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Package Forwarding Filter: I'm looking to have a package forwarded from the US (I'm in Canada) and I'm trying to determine which package forwarding service I should use (or if I should use one at all).

I just signed up for an Access USA account, but I got a little nervous when they started asking for a copy of my driver's license or passport and my last credit card statement. I don't mind providing credit information, but this strikes me as setting myself up for an identity theft. Has anyone had any experience with these services? Are these types of requirements normal? Which company SHOULD I use?
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I see you're in Vancouver. Have you thought about sending your package to Point Roberts and picking it up there?

If you don't have a car you can take a Translink bus that will drop you off spitting distance from the border crossing. Then just walk (or bike) across and pick up your package. You will have to declare it on the way back, of course, and pay tax/duty, but you'd end up doing that with a shipping service as well.

I do it all the time. I use a company called TSB Shipping but there are several others in Point Roberts as well. They charge ~$3 to receive a package for you and will hold it for up to a month.
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You don't have a friend or relative in the states to whom you could have your package sent and who could remail it to you?
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No experience, but I was poking around on and didn't see any warnings.

You may want to go to
and get the $30 off annual membership coupon for Access USA there.

Have you looked at (for package forwarding/holding if you're near Vancouver)?
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