Pocket-friendly digicam recommendations?
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Recommendations for a good pocket-friendly digital camera? I'm finally ready to replace the Canon Power Shot S200 that was pinched by robbers a few years ago with a similar sized but updated camera. Looking for something approximately the size of a pack of cigarettes or smaller. Budget is in the $250-$300 range.

Preferences (in order - but none of them are dealbreakers) --
- No software to put on the computer in order to pull pictures off the camera
- Macro setting, bonus for black and white and sepia settings
- Video is not a concern

I'm essentially just looking for something that would be comfortable for me to throw into my jeans pocket and have at the ready should I see something interesting.
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Check out the tech spec.
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A PowerShot SD870/1000 (the latter lacks image stabilization, but is cheaper) is probably your best bet. Tiny and great image quality for the class.
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2nding the SD870 ELPH. $350, so a little out of your range, but it's just a fantastic camera. I almost got the 1000 instead, but decided I deserved image stabilization. I got mine so I'd have a camera with me the times I didn't want to shlep my dslr around.
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FWIW, the 1000 will fall into your price range a little better, but image stabilization is a great feature. That said, essexjan's suggestion is a good one too; I've heard great things about Panasonic's Lumix series, and I constantly rave about the superzoom (DMC-FX5) I got when I started playing around with photography.
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yeah, totally the Lumix, I have the Leica C-Lux that is essentially the same camera. it's excellent
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Best answer: Olympus 750SW (or similar of the series). shock and water proof.
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N-th'ing the new Canon SD line. They're great pocket guys.
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dpreview.com/ has very well done reviews of digital cameras.
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Best answer: I'm very happy with Olympus Stylus 760. Great image stabilization, and all weather construction were two things I was looking for in a camera... not to mention that it is well made and light weight. DPR link here.
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I've been using the Casio Exilim 3.7 megapixel for a few years. What it lacks in super-fantastic image quality, it makes up in convenience and durability. It fits in the pocket of my jeans, and I've carried it with me full-time the entire time I've owned it. Other than replacing the battery once, zero maintenance.
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the canon sd1000i. i think is 200 bucks.
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Nthing the Lumix. I have it, and 2 of my friends have it and it never disappoints. Great for low light shots as well.
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Also with the SD 1000. But I have a couple of reservations.

Candid is also how I snap. For me it's not so much about creating art, but reflexively documenting moments from a perspective. So I want portable and durable. Also cheap, so I've no regrets when I break it. I go through a camera a year, about. The 1000 SD does currently facilitate that.

But it seems as time goes by, the cameras I've used for that kind of shooting have gone down in both durability and quality (particularly auto focus speed and the equivalent of shutter speed). If you can go back in time, or find an unused one on ebay, my real choice before I moved to the SD line was the early Pentax Optio line. The Optio S, while having fewer megapixals, was amazing in picture quality and durability. The same can not be said for the entire Powershot line or the current Optio line.

...or maybe I'm just getting less steady as I get older. Ah, the past. Wasn't it swell?
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I'm with Toekneesan. I have an Optio S4 - throw it in an Altoids tin and it slides easily into any pocket. I've dropped it onto concrete from a shirt pocket, and it got a little dent, but it still works fine. I bought it off eBay a few years ago and it still works great. The macro and super macro work well. The only feature I'd really like is image stabilization, but back when this model came out, it wasn't at all common. Black and white and sepia modes on board, and it's been plug and play on every computer I've attached it to.
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seconding any of the casio exilim line
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone. I wound up visiting Best Buy today and messing around with some of the highly suggested lines.

It looks like I'm going with the Olympus Stylus 820 (I've got very large hands, and some of the buttons on some of the suggested lines were just a little to small for me). Bonus points -- Amazon's got the black model on sale right now for 30% off, putting me far below budget.

Thanks again!
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