When is the typical Thanksgiving day feast eaten?
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When is the typical Thanksgiving day feast eaten?

My extended family typically converges on the appointed family member's house around noon and digs in by about one o'clock. So, in my family the Thanksgiving meal is always a lunch. Is this uncommon? I wonder what percentage of families start carving turkey past six o'clock.
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Well, I grew up with it being anytime between noon and 3pm, depending on which side of the family. That was in the Midwest and East Coast.

In Los Angeles, it varies even more widely, but the more solid family types here that I've spent it with have celebrated at 2 or 3pm.
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We eat around 4ish. Everyone gets to my aunt's around 3, then we chat and eat chips/dip/whatever until 4.
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We eat it as a dinner, around 6 or 7.
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In theory, we eat in the afternoon.

In practice, we spend the afternoon having drinks and discussing whose fault it was that the turkey didn't start thawing until noon, &c, and sit down to eat slightly after dark.

This year (I'm Canadian; we had Thanksgiving weeks ago), I decided it was time to be honest about it, and brought fruit and cheese plates over so we could nibble until dinnertime...
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It's very family dependant. I come from a large Catholic family, so there are about 10,000 inlaws, all having their own family traditions.

My most important one was at about noon at the family matriarch. Though then I'd drive from Sioux Falls SD to Wisconsin and have another that same day, about 6 hours later.

If I were to decide on my own, it'd be 12:00 noon.
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Late lunch. 2:00.
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My family always eats at noon, no later.
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early afternoon.
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Mid afternoon. we don't eat dinner
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We always have a nice platter of Chatfilter first, but dig into the meal around 4.
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My family has always had it as dinner, 6 or 7 o'clock. Part of the Thanksgiving tradition was to have a snack tray with different types of crackers, dips and cheeses in the early afternoon to hold us over until dinner.
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Today was at 4.
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Dinnertime here, but that's only because the idea of getting it ready earlier is unimaginable.

I do know families who arrange things so that various relatives can manage to visit both sets of parents on the day, getting two meals in the process. It may not be endorsed by the Surgeon General, but it keeps the peace.
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Depending on who's hosting between 1pm and 9pm. The mode historically was about 4pm. This year we visited both sides but only had one dinner (but 2 desserts!)
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Appetizers at 12 Dinner starts promptletly at 1, (if your late, you do the cleaning) pies and desserts at about 3ish.
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I prefer to cook/watch football/relax/chat the whole day, and eat at 5. That way there's still time to clean up and watch a movie and eat a traditional turkey/stuffing/cranberry sandwich before bed.
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We always have it before 6:00 PM. The time varies from year to year, but it's usually either 2-3 or 5 PM.
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Grew up on West coast, and we've always eaten between 6-8pm, depending on when the everything was ready. Always struck me as an old-fasioned, East coast thing to do to eat any earlier.
Kinda like people who call lunch dinner and dinner supper.
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When I was growing up in Chicago, it was usually on the table by 2:00. And the typical Sunday 'dinner' was always eaten at noon. I still don't understand why, except that tradition demanded it.
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We ate at about 5 pm. Now we're basically dead from too much food, wine, and hilarity. YMMV.

When I was a kid (70s/80s), I think we usually ate around 3 o'clock.
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Boston area here and we always eat around 2pm. It used to be when the football (high school) game was over, but none of us go anymore.
Like maryh, our Sunday dinner was always early--more like 1-2pm though.
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We actually had a slightly heated debate about this today, as we sat down to eat around 5:30. Many people here in Boston (especially the big Catholic families I grew up with, it seems) eat early, 12-3. We always eat later, 5-7.

Incidentally, there was an article in the NYT today about the health benefits of eating your Thankgiving meal earlier. I would link to it, but I'm too comatose from the massive amounts of food.
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Growing up, we always seemed to do it in the early-to-mid afternoon, after church. Now I never seem to get everything on the table until 5:00. I prefer to do it in the early afternoon . . .
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We usually eat in the afternoon, 12-2pm
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4:15 - 4:40pm.
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We usually eat between 2-3. I spent this Thanksgiving with a friend's family this year and we ate at 7. She said they usually ate at about 11pm in the past because her mother had to work on Thanksgiving, and her grandmother was usually asleep on the couch by the time dinner was served.
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2pm is when we meet. We're eating by 3pmish.
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we try to eat around 6, as late as 8pm.
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We eat between 3:00-4:00 each year. I know people that eat as early as 1:00 or as late as 7:00 (aka their normal dinner time), so I'm thinking there is no "common" in regards to this.
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Around 5:30-6 pm, same as normal dinners. There are lots of children in the extended family who are little creatures of habit, so not deviating the schedule too much is a good thing for everyone's tempers and tummies.
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When it's at our house, four. When at my wife's family, more like 2:30.
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When my parents host, we eat around 4-5. Last night we hosted, and the timing on a few things wound up a little off, so we wound up eating at six.

But whoever's hosting, there is always a good cheese/crackers/fruit/mustard/nut smorgasbord put out all afternoon long, so the feasting begins early and just ramps up all day to the main event.
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Ours was at 1:00, but it can usually be anywhere from 1:00-3:00 depending on who's showing up and how long things take...
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The past three years we started at 5 PM, to accomodate my brother's kids, as that's when they usually have dinner. Around 2 the cheese and crackers plate (and the hummus and the shrimp with cockail sauce for the apostates) come out for some snacking to keep us from becoming raveners.
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We have it as an early supper, around 5 or 6, with enough time for people who are traveling to get home early. (Dinner, for those who are curious, is the meal around noon, usually optional on Thanksgiving.)
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East coast and we eat between 2 and 4 (depending on how cooperative the turkey is.) Both the Marylanders (Baltimore and Eastern Shore) and the Southerners (VA/TN) agree with this.
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We always had Thanksgiving dinner around 2-3 PM in my family. It gives enough time to build ravenous appetites for the feast, without the snacking that would be necessary in a family full of hypoglycemics if we'd waited 'til suppertime. Same goes for Christmas dinner, though we hold it Christmas Eve so kids are free to stuff themselves on stocking goodies Christmas morning without hurting the cook's feelings by being entirely disinterested in dinner.
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Starting around 2ish and going to about 4:30 by the time we're done...
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We have people over around from around 3 and serve chips, crackers, dips, etc., have the actual dinner at around 6, and then afterwards, all of our friends who are in the area are invited over for dessert from around 7:30-10, after they finish their own dinners.
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