Changing resolution in Premiere Pro CS3?
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Is there a way to change the resolution of an existing Premiere Pro CS3 project, or is that something that can only be set up before you begin work?

I'm new to Premiere. I've spent several days editing a Project with a resolution of 1280x720, and have decided I want to change that resolution to 1024x768, since it will mostly be played back on computer monitors, not on HDTVs.

When I go into Project Settings, the General category (where I could change Editing Mode to Desktop and specify a custom resolution of 1024x768) is grayed out. I've Googled to no avail.

I'm hoping I don't have to start my entire editing process over again, which would be especially daunting since you can't seem to be able to have two Premiere Projects open at the same time to copy/paste between.
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Response by poster: (also: I understand if I can change resolution that I'll have to refit clips onto the new stage size manually -- I'm willing to do that. I also understand I can Export my movie at any resolution, but I don't want the aspect ratio to change and cause Titles to distort, etc. If it makes any difference, my project is actually a series of stills, I'm not really using any video clips).
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I can't speak for CS3 directly but previous versions required a new project. You might try asking over at the Wrigley Video forum. Lots of great people hang out there and can answer pretty much any question you have. Be sure to search the archives!
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