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My sister-in-law won't let me contribute to T-giving dinner, but I'm going to make something anyway.

I have sour cream. I have baker's chocolate. I have chocolate chips. I have hazelnuts. I have all the staples (sugar, spice, flour, butter, eggs, whatnot--lots of whatnot) I'm not going back to the store. What can I make?
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Does the whatnot include heavy cream and/or any nuts?
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(doh, I see that you already said hazelnuts. sorry.)
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Best answer: Sounds like you've got the makings for a good batch of fudge.
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Scones. If I had more time, I'd track a recipe down for you, but try Good luck!
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Best answer: Chocolate chip scrambled eggs, with a nice bearnaise sauce.
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Are you going to be around for breakfast? You're not far off from this sour cream coffee cake.

I'd fathom that the hazelnuts could swap in for the walnuts, and you can substitute any fruit - dried or otherwise - for the currants.
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Best answer: Ugly but good cookies. Oh, they are so good. I haven't tried this particular recipe, but it looks about right.
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Do you have a can of corn? If yes, here is an easy recipe for Thank You Corn Bake

There are lots of easy recipes at this site:
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Best answer: Toll house cookies with hazelnuts.
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Response by poster: Whatnot includes currants, raisins, many different oils, frozen fruit, almond extract, various liquers (sp?), peppermint extract. Now I wish I had more of everything, because this stuff sounds really good.
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Response by poster: found missing-- I'm making you come over to eat that.
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Best answer: does what not include cocoa and coffee? Cafe latte turtle cake
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Nice bottle of wine.
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Fresh bread?
If you have a dutch oven and can start now this
no knead recipe is really easy and good.
I've never needed to leave it uncovered for the extra 15 minutes, so keep a close watch on it.
Here's an article on it if you want more info.
I made it last year and now it's what I always get asked to bring.
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Sour cream brownies. Ever so subtly better than plain brownies, thanks to the layer of tanginess and fermented-dairy flavors that lurks in the background.

I don't have the recipe I used, and I can't vouch for any of the recipes that you can google up online, but they're not very different from ordinary scratch brownies (except that you wouldn't want to heat the sour cream with the chocolate, obviously) and you wouldn't have too much trouble faking some up even without a recipe.

On reflection, I think the recipe I used was a Betty Crocker mix that somebody had shipped from America, but we didn't have butter or oil or something and so we substituted smetana. I know on one occasion smetana+sugar+water stood in for milk in pancakes or something, so it is the sort of weird cooking I'd do. My memory of the particulars is poor, but I do distinctly remember that the product was delicious.
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What did you end up making, if anything?
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Response by poster: What did you end up making, if anything?

This, with homemade nutella. It's in the oven right now. Plus I was doing a little winter clean up in my garden and found 10 gorgeous carrots that I had overlooked. So I'm looking for something with carrots and tomatoes-- some kind of chutney?

Thanks for all the great ideas--I clearly need a recipe blog or site; any favorites here beyond the usual (allrecipes; marthastewart, and those ilk I've already got)
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I love Orangette. Everything I've made from her blog has been fantastic and generally pretty easy. Plus her writing is delicious.
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Also, Simply Recipes. It's a well edited collection, and includes a vegetarian section and food porn photos.
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The Hungry Tiger. She doesn't update nearly often enough, but she has wonderful recipes and a nice writing style. Also, Chocolate and Zucchini.
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I can heartily second Simply Recipes, and I love Serious Eats, and not just because my wife works on the site.
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