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Is there an easy way to find out what companies provide their employees with a pension and medical benefits after a certain period of time working there? I am looking for a centralized list or such that would tell me all those companies that are local-as I want to look at working at a company like that. A centralized list probably doesn't exist. How do you find out if there isn't a centralized place?
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there isn't a centralized place, but there are yahoo and other groups for most companies now, with bulletin boards and things, and the finance magazines/sites may have 100 best companies lists...and hoovers.com may have links to most companies sites and news about them--at least you'll know if a company's plan sucks.
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You could try asking the local Chamber of Commerce, local trade/networking groups, and the business department of any nearby large university relevant to your profession. Local salary surveys are not uncommon, because companies need to know that they're still in the right ballpark. To steer clear of anti-trust problems, the surveys are usually conducted by a 3rd party organization, with results reported anonymously: "Company A offers blah blah...". The Chamber probably won't have conducted a survey themselves, but may be able to put you in touch with the right researchers. For that matter, someone at the Chamber can probably rattle off a list of top 10 best employers in the area. Those folks meet a lot of businesspeople and hear a lot of gossip.
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