how to make eyes bigger?
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how to make my eyes bigger (preferably without plastic surgery, and excluding the use of makeup)?

I've had 3 or 4 eye infections over the past 6 years. One was from a virus, one was from excessive use of contact lens, two from unexplained/unknown causes. (Apparently the surfaces of my eyeballs are now pockmarked, according to the eye doctors... when viewed through their eye machines, anyway.) My right eye now seems to be smaller than my left eye, and definitely drier, generally - though my left eye is quite dry as well. I'm not sure whether the eyeball itself is smaller, or whether it's just my facial muscles around the eye being accustomed to puckering and squinting because of that eye is drier than the other.

So there is that, and then there is my suspicion that my eyes have become smaller, on the whole, over the past few years. And I suspect that it might have something to do with my regular wearing of spectacles with lens that haven't been updated for about 4 years or so (my degree of myopia seems to have varied over time, and differ between eyes as well), which sort of makes me squint a lot when I wear spectacles. I've worn those spectacles fairly regularly for the past two years or so.
(Or maybe I'm over-speculating...)

My eyes seem to be fairly healthy these days, though. It's been almost 2 years since my last infection (there have been the occasional days of red eyes, but they've been remedied through eyedrops and rest).

How do I make both eyes bigger, with the right eye about the same size as the left eye? I've thought of facial exercises and massages and eye-creams... would those be viable options, do they work? What else could I try? What habits could I form or unlearn, that would help?

(I know I can make them look bigger with makeup etc, and that there is always plastic surgery at the last resort, but I'm not asking about those options now... Sorry if this questions sounds overly picky/fussy about my eyes.)
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get your glasses updated. you're probably squinting a little.
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Lose a few pounds?

I basically second get a new prescription though. Even without any insurance its pretty cheap.
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Also, I think you really want your eyes to be more open, not so much "bigger." When I kept reading "bigger," I kept thinking that you actually want to increase the size of your eyeball.
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The strength of your lenses can make your eyes appear smaller. I know my eyes look small when my glasses are on, and also my face looks thinner, because I am very near-sighted and so my lenses are thick. It sounds like you can't wear contact lenses any more? If you can, those would help.
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I'm blind in my left and you can get a lens that makes them look the same size to observers. But it might not work for you because you have to see out of that eye. Ask your optometrist. The prescription for that one is -100 sphere, if I remember correctly.
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Does an eyelash curler count as makeup?
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You could try getting spectacles with different frames. Getting new frames is a bit expensive, but can make a big difference to how your face looks. If you have very thick lenses, you may be able to get them made of a high-tech material that allows them to be thinner, which might reduce the distortion they impose to a person looking at you.

If your eye muscles are spasming or always-squinting, you might talk to a doctor about it. They might be able to give you advice about whether exercises can help.

I would be very skeptical of any claims made by eye creams -- I don't see any way a cream could help change what your muscles are doing. The most a cream will do is make your skin less dry.
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Second the comment that your OP makes it seem like you want your actual eyeballs to increase in size. I'm guessing that is not the case.

I would recommend new glassese as well. You also may want to get some that are lightly tinted to reduce brightness. I know I squint a lot because my eyes are really sensitive to light.
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