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How do you get work as a stringer?

I've been told that places are always looking for stringers to cover the political conventions, and I'm really interested in doing it this year. How does one get their foot in the door for this sort of work- either print or broadcast would work.
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Do you mean stringer or runner?

A stringer covers the event and sends back stories to papers that can't afford to send someone themselves. (Though most of these papers just rely on AP)

A runner is someone hired for the convention to help cover the thing - attending press conferences, grabbing quotes from delegates, that sort of thing.

If you want to string, you will probably need to locate some editors who want stories out of the conventions and show them some political clips or make a deal to file stories on spec. Your best bet would be to offer to cover the state delegation of some small paper out in the boonies that isn't going.

If you want to work for a news organization that will be there, you need to contact political editors or assignment desks.
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