Quail Eggs and/or Flying Fish Caviar in SF or San Jose
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GourmetFilter: Anyone know of a store in San Jose/SF Bay Area that sells Quail Eggs and/or Flying Fish Caviar? Also, is Flying Fish Roe the same thing as Flying Fish Caviar?
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Best answer: Practically any Asian grocery will have canned (and hard-boiled) quail eggs; find your local 99 Ranch Market or similar. Alternatively, if you don't mind trekking to Fremont on a Sunday morning, I seem to recall that one of the regulars there (the "egg booth") sells farm-fresh quail eggs.

Fish eggs I dunno about, though.
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Er - sorry. Fremont Farmers' Market, I meant. On Bay Street at Fremont Blvd., right next to the big Welcome to Irvington lamppost thingy.
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the berkeley bowl carries fresh quail eggs (in, er, berkeley)
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