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Help me think of some fun gifts American for a friend studying abroad in Italy.

My friend is studying abroad in Bologna. I'll be going through there soon, and i'd like to give her a few small, quaint, humorous and distinctly American gifts to remind her of home. So far, all i've come up with is a jar of peanut butter and a tape of some of her favorite t.v. shows. I'm drawing a big blank here. Any thoughts?
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Best answer: MEXICAN FOOD!

Italy has atrociously awful Mexican food, and while I wasn't a huge must-have-tacos person before I went there, it was the number-one thing I missed when I was there. Good salsa, cilantro, cumin, and maybe even some of those taco seasoning packets would have made me a very happy camper.

Also, most of the Americans I knew in Italy were constantly asking American friends to send over good antiperspirant, as it was hard to find when I was there.

If she has pale or pink-tinged skin and wears make-up, that might be another idea; most Italian make-up shades (understandably) fall toward oranges that complement the Mediterranean complexion and they looked awful on me.

(Also, be careful of the tapes. The format may be different for her VCR, so check on that.)
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The typical American VCR will record in NTSC format video. The typical European TV will accept PAL format. You probably will have problems with your tape of TV shows.

You might want to be more location specific, in terms of your friend's hometown. There are ex-pat New Yorkers who would go to great length and expense to get a few dozen bagels, etc.
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A Dale Earnhardt T-shirt.
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American magazines. A book in English. A new CD. Hershey bars.
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From which part of the US does your friend hail? That would really help with knowing what to send, if part of your plan is to bring her things she can't find in Italy. For example, if she's from around here (NE PA), tastycakes and Amish/Pa Dutch food (pretzels and shoofly pie etc) would be just what the doctor ordered. Regional goodies and local newspapers/publications are where it's at - she can get The New York Times and Newsweek and things like that there, but not hometown versions. If you want to go broad brush, bring apple pie and hot dogs. Popcorn.
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Peanut butter.
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If she has a favorite Hershey's candy, get that. They don't sell Hershey's over here. Can't find Tootsie rolls either. Mars brand candy (Snickers, M&Ms etc) aren't difficult to find.
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chocolate chip cookies were the most requested thing when my friends were in Italy.
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Response by poster: She if from northern Indiana. I do like the idea of an apple pie...
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Response by poster: err, is*
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i missed macaroni and cheese (the orange fake kind) so much when i was abroad!
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Brownie mix. Chocolate chips, if she bakes.

Although, if you bring brownie mix, you should also bring some sort of a measuring cup device.
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I'll second salsa and chocolate chip cookie baking supplies.
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seconding chocolate chip cookies. that's what i asked for when i was studying abroad in italy.
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Definitely chocolate chips & peanut butter. Those were what I missed the most when I lived in Italy.
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