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PC news sites: I'm looking for some good "daily read" sites that cover Windows based computers. Suggestions? [More...]

My company is Macintosh based, but is soon moving to a Windows XP based environment. My IT background is Mac, but I'm trying to get up to speed on the Windows world. I usually read sites like Macintouch, MacCentral, PowerPage and MacMinute, plus Mac rumor sites like Macrumors and Think Secret. I also swing by slashdot.

I'm looking for PC/Windows sites similar to Macintouch and MacCentral, as well as a rumor site or two. I've checked out PC Magazine's news page, but it doesn't seem to update daily. Any suggestions I can add to my daily read?
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I like Scot's Newsletter, but it's not daily.
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Lockergnome has several really good newsletters.
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I've wondered this many times as well. I used to do Mac IT and at some point "switched" to the Windows world. I've never really found substitutes for MacCentral, et al. I think it's partly because the Windoze Computing beat is fairly well-covered by big media like PC World, who, unfortunately, do not pour their best resources into daily-read-websites, but rather paid-subscription-magazines. There seem to be few small-time Windows enthusiasts underneath that canopy, and those that exist typically focus on a narrow interest like gaming, gadgetry, troubleshooting, etc. I'm very interested to see what this thread turns up.
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Best answer: Daily Rotation is a pretty good aggregate site for what you're after.
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Response by poster: I'm liking Daily Rotation for the daily read. Scot's Newsletter looks like a good source of info, too.

Thanks, y'all!
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NeoWin is another site. They cover Windows pretty specifically, but also cover other tech news.
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