Apple Keyboard Imitation
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I love the looks of the new apple keyboard. I don't think that I would like those looks after I spent a couple weeks touching the white keys. Is there a similar keyboard with black keys? The more similar it is the better.

USB is better than wireless. The absense or presence of programable keys is not an isue. I wouldn't like to pay more than $60 dollars.
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I've had mine since the first of September or so, and it's still looking good. On the few cases I've spilt anything on them, I've found that the keys clean up very easily.
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I've had a lot of luck spray painting keyboards black. Put masking tape over the LEDs, spray, let dry.
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Also, clearcoat. Otherwise the pait rubs off after a few months and you have to repaint.
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Ditto electric_counterpoint. Unfortunately, I don't have any better suggestions!
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FWIW, Bioré Daily Cleansing cloths do an amazing job of cleaning grime from keyboards.

(Owner of 3 Apple keyboards that are still sparkling white after a couple years of use.)
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I'm not having any issues with dirt on the white keys either--like electric_counterpoint said, the board cleans up easily. (And it's oh so nice--whenever I'm at work, using that crappy stock keyboard on my work computer, I long for the one I'm using now.)
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Out of curiosity, I tried swapping keys from a black MacBook keyboard to my Apple USB keyboard. In my case it worked like a charm, although different revisions of the MacBooks had different scissor switches under the keys so your mileage may vary.

The caveat is, the bottom row of keys is a different shape (control/option/spacebar/etc), and the MacBook doesn't have any of the keys to the right of the return key (home/end/the entire numpad/etc), so you'd end up with a black-and-white hybrid keyboard, if that appealed to you at all.
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Perhaps a skin would be suitable (just an example - there's probably much more cheaply available on eBay). But if my white MacBook is anything to go by, they really do clean up fine.
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Magic Erasers work great for keyboard and macbook grime, just be sure to wring them out so they aren't so wet.
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