Does the Canon HG10 camcorder record files larger than 4 GBs?
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Will the Canon HG10 High Definition Camcorder with 40GB hard drive be formatted in FAT32? Will the video files exceed 4 GBs?

I plan on buying the Canon HG10 AVCHD with a 40GB hard drive built in. Since I will be out of the country, I plan on bringing an external hard drive so I can move the video files there at the end of the day and have an empty onboard hard drive at the start of the day. My concern is that if the camcorder records files bigger than 4 GB than I need to figure something else out because I know FAT32 hard drive files cannot exceed 4 GBs. I plan on transferring the video with my Macbook.
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Hi Apple,

Well, I believe it depends upon the total duration of your video, right?! And, I've been told that a general rule of thumb is that five minutes of raw, uncompressed DV NTSC video AND audio will take up about 1 GB of disk space on a Mac. However, that Canon HG10 uses AVCHD: Advanced Video Codec High Definition recording format which compresses the video as it is recorded. Here is Wikipedia page on the AVCHD codec:

Advanced Video Codec High Definition

So, most likely, you should be OK with 4 GB of disk space. Also, if necessary, you can review the technical specs for the Canon HG10 camera here:

Camcorder Review: Canon HG10 AVCHD

Good luck!
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The camera will automatically create new file segments in a "spanned AVCHD" format. I've only worked with this type of file in windows though, and I have no idea if it'll work on a mac. There's at least one person on the internet who's had problems with final cut pro and spanned files. Anyway, since I don't know exactly what you're using YMMV.
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It's fat 32 - and it spans the AVCHD file.

Be aware, if you use this on your mac, it'll transcode to AIC (Apple intermediary codec)...which will take time. It's not as easy as the other HD consumer formats.
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