Can anyone point me to a comprehensive movie glossary that has a list of movie shots?
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Can anyone point me to a helpful movie glossary that has a list of movie shots (pan shot, establishment shot, close-up, etc)? Looking for as comprehensive a list as possible with good explanations. Thanks.
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Well, there's always the IMDb Film Glossary, although that may be more comprehensive than you're looking for. Google gives plenty of results this, for example.
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This might be exactly what you're looking for. Another good google search is cinematography terminology. While this has just the camera shots and what they're good for. Found via Google
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There's a big softcover book with a red and black design on the front that they issue to all film students. Unfortunately, I sold mine so that I could afford to eat one day.
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There was this cool wiki mentioned over on blue (I think). But I can't find it. :-(
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