NYC DMO Dentist?
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Need a dentist in NYC who takes Aetna DMO. Midtown or Park Slope preferred, but any will do.

My insurance runs out soon, and I need some fillings. I'm calling all over town to discover that almost no one who is recommended takes DMO.
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Not sure what my dentist takes, but he hasn't turned down anyone I've sent him so far. And he's pretty freaking awesome. Dr. Lantner on W. 57th.
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Um. How about Aetna?
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Sorry. Some clarification is in order. I'm looking for recommendations from MeFites based on personal experience, not simply a list of Aetna DMO dentists.

My fault. "Any will do" was totally unclear (I meant I'll go anywhere in NYC if it's a good rec, not I'll go to anyone who's Aetna DMO - I've heard some pretty bad stories from many co-workers who chose randomly from the book). Sorry.
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I have Aetna, and I've been going to Dr. Sandip Sachar on W. 57th for the last couple of years. I've been pretty happy with her and her staff.
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Try Dr. Deidan - she used to be my dentist, but I switched to Cigna insurance and she doesn't take that. I'd go back to her in a heartbeat, if I could. Her office is on 60th, between Park and Lex.
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