Trying to find replacement knobs.
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I am trying to find replacement knobs for a stove, but cannot find a model number anywhere on the stove.

I moved into a rental house a few months ago. The knobs on the stove were generic replacement knobs like you can find at the hardware store. Unfortunately, they aren't even close to the original knobs.

I put a thermometer in the oven and I have to adjust the knob back and forth for awhile before I can get it to the right temperature. The range is hottest when the burners are set to low. It's not a problem to just reverse them, but they can also turn too far, and then I have no idea what temperature it is.

The "on" light is shared between the 4 burners as well. Earlier this morning I lost track of clicks and had to spend 20 minutes with pots of water on each burner until I eventually got them all turned off again.

Judging by the other appliances, it's about 20 years old. It's an electric stove and the only model information I can get is "Hotpoint" very faintly on the panel.

I informed my landlord about the problem both when I moved in, and then again in writing last month. I figured I would try and solve the problem on my own one last time before I head off the tenant union.
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Have you pulled the stove out and looked on the back? There is probably a plaque on the back with make/model/serial number, power requirements, etc.
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The model number is likely on a plate or sticker on the back, if you can pull it away from the wall. You could take a picture of the stove with the knobs off and email/show it to someone at an appliance repair shop. They would probably recognize it.
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Is there a pull-out storage bin on the bottom of the stove? Pull it out and look for an ID plate along the edge of the stove. That's a common location for them.

If not there, then along the edge where the oven door closes.

Once you find the model number, try searching here, for the right part.
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You can buy universal plastic adapters that create a sleeve between the new nob and the original prong - cost a couple bucks. I had to do this with my sweet 1950 stove. I don't know what they are called technically, maybe call an antique stove restoration place and they will know about it.
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I pulled it out from the wall and there was nothing on the back or on the sides. There's no storage drawer and there was nothing on the oven door either. I'm going to try emailing pictures out and seeing if I can find a restoration place. Thanks for the ideas so far.
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Where are the fuses? There should be a panel you can remove, with fuses inside. The Model ID may be in there.
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