Who is this funny guy?
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Help me figure out the name of a comedian I saw in NYC...last December.

A few friends and I went to NYC for New Year's Eve last year. Because prior plans didn't pan out, on December 30th, we went to the Broadway Comedy Club. The comics were mediocre for the most part, but there was one guy who was hysterical. None of us remember his name, but three of us vaguely remember something being said (when he was introduced) about him being on the Daily Show at some point in time.

We're all desperate to know his name, and hopefully find out more about him - we just have no idea how to track him down. I've been to the comedy club's website
(here) and tried contacting them with no luck. I've been through a list of alumni from the Daily Show, but none of them match. And, of course, I've tried googling different combinations of words that would prove miraculous if they worked. No luck.

I do have a picture of the guy, though:
(copy & paste)

How can I find the name of this hilarious man?
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Were you there on Dec 30, or Dec 31, which is New Year's Eve?
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That guy looks really familiar... but I have no idea what his name is.

Now I want to know too.
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Best answer: I googled

"broadway comedy club" "comedy central" comic

and got this page, which has a comic named Howard Feller on it. It says he's a former co-host and side-kick on the “Jon Stewart Show” that ran on MTV and Comedy Central. Here's his myspace and another pic. Is that him?
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It kinda looks like Kevin Nealon, from Weeds. Though its hard to tell from the light.

His wikipedia entry says he used to do stand-up.
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Response by poster: iconomy, thank you. thank you so very much.
you have solved a plaguing question.

(Dec. 30, just to clarify - sorry for that)

thanks, TheOtherGuy - i can see the similarities, and yeah, it's a crappy photo.
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