Where I can find/order wasabi-flavored potato chips?
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Does anyone know where I can find/order wasabi-flavored potato chips? [mi]

Some while back, I bought some Calbee brand wasabi flavored chips in Hong Kong. I've never managed to find them since, although I've found other people who want them too -- one of whom has a picture of the bag.

Ideas? I've never managed to find these online -- the closest I can find are wasabi-prawn crisps, which aren't what I'm looking for.
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Different brand, but here are Soken Wasabi chips. I also suspect if you have an Asian market in your area, they'll have some.
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Tim's Cascade Style Chips produced a limited run of wasabi flavored chips early this year.

It is a good thing that they were limited, because they tasted really, really bad.
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You know they stopped making Wasabi chips after all those children were killed. Tims Cascade Wasabi chips tasted pretty incredulous.
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Trader Joe's carries some under their own brand name, although they're probably made by another company.
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Not exactly potato chips, but I love Kasugai's roasted wasabi peas -- "a happy present from the earth"! I haven't ordered them online, but I buy bags of them from delis whenever I go back to New York. They're so addictive (and contain no prawns). Potatoes, peas; what's the difference when they're crunchy and set your mouth afire?

(Sadly, the asianfoodgrocer.com site doesn't seem to have the chips you were seeking, though it's got plenty of other weirdness.)
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Wow, I thought for sure J-List would carry them, but they don't seem to. They do have a rice snack with a shrimp and wasabi flavor, though.
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