Know a (food) oil sprayer that works well?
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my mom wants an oil sprayer or mister that works. she doesn't care if it mists finely or sprays more roughly, but she wants a personal recommendation of one that keeps working (she had a misto and a generic brand and they both stopped working, despite cleaning). that, of course, is why i'm posting the question here rather than doing a web search. thoughts?
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We have two at home - one is a Misto and it works great; we've had good luck with it. The other, which I think is much nicer, is from Williams-Sonoma. It's super simple to clean, and has a nice spritzer. I love that it's clear so you can see what's in there. You can pump the cap for more pressure, and you can add garlic and herbs and things to it, which you can't with a Misto.
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The last three issues of the Bread Bakers Digest have discussed olive oil misters. It doesn't look like the archives on their website are up to date just yet, but one person on the list suggested this . Another person recommended a "Mister Mister". Another suggested aerosol cans of olive oil.

The general consensus seems to be that olive oil misters are touchy devices that fail regularly, no matter how well you take care of them.

If you don't feel like waiting for the Digest archives to update, shoot me an email and I'll forward them along.
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