Is there an IKEA of the patio furniture world?
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Is there an IKEA of the patio furniture world?

From what I can tell from the website, IKEA doesn't sell patio furniture, and the closest store to me is approximately 400 miles away so I can't easily check.

So, where can I get IKEA-quality/priced patio furniture? (Yes, IKEA quality isn't the best, I know, but it's decent for the price, no?) Are there specific brands I should look out for? I'm looking for stuff that's a little better looking and lasting than the plastic Wal-Mart setup.

Budget: ~$200, online or off.
Medium-sized table, four chairs.
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And by "Wal-Mart," I mean they have non-plastic furniture that will fit your budget. K-Mart too.
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Target has some decent stuff in that range. I bought a set of metal patio furniture there this summer, albeit during a sale of some sort, so it was a bit cheaper.
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Ikea does sell some (very limited) patio furniture during the summer ... we were in the market for some (nice looking inexpensive) patio furniture this summer and looked at Ikea, but they didn't really have much. We ended up getting a steal at Target's end-of-season clearance -- a $600 set for $200 (end of season + last in stock + display model + missing side table). I think end-of-season is the way to go ... you're not going to get Ikea prices no matter what the sale at Restoration Hardware / West Elm / Crate and Barrel ... but you can get a set for $200-$300 on sale in late summer at Home Depot / Lowes / Target / WalMart. Not sure how much help this is at this point in the year, though....
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I bought a set of 4 folding chairs (canvas and metal), table (metal), and umbrella on sale at Lowes for $100.
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Costco often has outdoor furniture, but this time of year it might not be as likely to be in stock.
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I've bought patio furniture at both Home Depot and Target that is in the IKEA quality and price point. The Home Depot table and chairs have lasted over four years. The vinyl on the Target chairs weathered and the frames rusted, so we discarded them after three years. YMMV depending on what style of furniture you buy.

This is the Home Depot chair that has lasted particularly well, although four of these would blow your budget.
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this time of year it might not be as likely to be in stock

Indeed, in this part of the country, patio furniture is long gone. It'll reappear when the snow starts melting a bit next year.

We don't know where you are, but Menard's in the upper midwest tends to do moderately well on both price and selection. Think of them as being a locally-based Home Depot or Lowe's, but with more brands and makes in stock.
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Last year around this time (think it was the first or second week in December), we happened to walk into Home Depot right when they put all their patio furniture on clearance to clear out space for other seasonal goods. We walked out with the coolest table ever (built-in fire pit) and 4 chairs for $300, which normally would've cost $1000. Everything sold out fast though, so you might want to start checking in weekly and asking the employees if they know when it'll happen. FYI I'm in AZ, so maybe they already did this months ago in the rest of the country.
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