Free software requirement for a "document dropbox"
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I'm looking for some (free) software that will let me set up a "document dropbox" on my web server. Basically I want to upload files and then have them be available -- through a nice-looking interface -- to users of my choosing. Searching Google and Sourceforge hasn't found me anything useful yet, although bytehoard is about 25% of the way there.
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OS integrated file management for webservers:
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What you are looking for is exactly what every website is. Like........ exactly. Perhps you could explain what you need a bit more.

FTP and some stupid simple html will get you what you describe. A simple login interface will limit it to only those you give the password to.

I suspect you may be pounding tacks with a sledge?
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Why don't you use Dropload?
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Response by poster: 1. Webdav: overkill.

2. FTP and every website: when I say "be available to users of my choosing", I mean on a per-file basis. I want to be able to make file1 available to users A, B, and C only, and file2 available to D, E, and F only. Yes, that could still be "stupid simple html" if I make enough subdirectories with different passwords, but I'm looking for a premade solution here ;-)

3. Dropload: would rather have it be permanent.
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You don't say what webserver or scripting language you have available to you, but if it's got PHP support:
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Someone told me about a project called "gnu docs" that might do this too, but the name makes it hard to google.
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I have a tool I built in PHP that might help you. It doesn't do any user-based filtering, but you could create separate directories for each user and just copy the tool into each one. (it's one PHP file).

contact me through my web site if you're interested.
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