What is the best Windows desktop publishing software for kids?
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What is the best Windows desktop publishing software for kids?

I work for a school system, and we have an elementary school teacher whose class is publishing a newsletter. What is the most kid-friendly publishing software for Windows? Bonus points if it's free.
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You may want to look at PagePlus SE from Serif, although you should be able to do a simple newletter using AbiWord.
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Seconding AbiWord. If you can gain access to it, MS Publisher is fairly decent, as well.
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OpenOffice Writer is plenty powerful enough for newsletter layouts, and if the class teacher sets up a template for the kids to work in, should be about as easy for kids to drive as Publisher. It can also easily export the finished product as a PDF, for which all your newsletter readers will thank you.
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This is not exactly a software program, but I think it is much better.


All the parents seem to be raving about it and with the issue of technology and the internet, we really cannot ignore our child's access to it, but we can filter it. I am going to get this for my daughter this Christmas. If you search for it on amazon.com, you will get the best product description out there. But I have found that Wal-mart seems to have the cheapest price. Good luck!
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