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I graduating this Sunday and I need some decorating ideas for my cap. [MI]

jeebus...I can't spell.

Anyways, as a graduate of Cornell University with a BS in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, I want to decorate my cap in an interesting way but my creative juices have run dry. Does anyone have any ideas (and if anyone has done this in a past, if you could mention what worked and what didn't, I'd be grateful).

The only problem is that I can't keep my cap so any decorations must be removable.
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A huge plastic dog turd. A working electric train on tracks. A windmill powered by the hot air coming from the lectern. A personal debt clock, showing a second-by-second increase of your student loans plus interest. A bird's nest with live birds. An ant farm. Smaller versions of other professional hats: police, fire, chef, soldier, nurse, etc. A house of cards. A plot of grass. A house built of Lincoln logs. A guacamole tray with chips.
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Hire Me in big white letters...

or the electric train
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A big sign reading:
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i used an old mac classic is almost the same size as the mortarboard cap....even has holes in the corners to bolt it on.

a few notes of caution however....

-electrical storms make the people sitting next to you nervous

-its heavy, my neck was sore for a day or two

-use an exacto knife or a hole punch on the hat to make the holes with which you will bolt it on....all a Drill will do is wrap all of the hat's fabric around the bit. and then you have to by a new hat. Trust me.

-be sure you have at least 8 megs of RAM, otherwise you'll get no respect.
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[you are an engineer, you can figure out a non-drilling attachment method to keep the hat in pristine condition.]
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"ISO 9001 Certified"
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A janet jackson boob, with metal nipple adornment.

Also, congrats on graduating despite reading metafilter, free beers all around!
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Alert! Total Dork Comment Ahead

What I considered doing to high school grad cap before I couldn't find (as you mentioned above) non-permanent adhesive in time was this: Star Wars action figures recreating favorite scenes from the original trilogy.

See, I was the girl who wore this to class on occasion. So, it would have made complete sense for me to do such a thing. Some of my teachers actually asked me why my cap was so plain, since decorations are sort of a tradition (the friend who marched with me nixed the cap part entirely and wore a Viking helmet with his tassle hanging from one horn, and the moved it to the other horn at the proper time). In retrospect I suppose something like wall putty might have worked, but unless the color matches your cap it might stain. Ah well!
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*wall putty meaning the clay-ish stuff for holding up posters, not holding up walls
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Well, here's my dorky graduation cap. As you can see from the crowd behind me, the stadium is rather packed, so this was my attempt at humor. But it did get me in the yearbook (thus the grainy picture), and more than a few comments.
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Response by poster: haha, great ideas everyone. i'll see what i can come up with.

and thanx mathowie ;)
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