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Where can I get a five-subject spiral bound graph paper notebook?

I prefer to take my class notes on graph paper, but it seems that you can only get graph paper in pads. If I could find a place that sold a big spiral-bound notebook of graph paper, I'd probably pay ridiculous amounts of money for it, but I'm not even sure if they exist. Do they?
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spiral bound graph paper notebook by rhodia (but not five subject) -- i love rhodia graph paper. good luck!
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Response by poster: Ideally, I'd like something bound on the side, but these Rhodia ones look pretty good- I'll probably get some if I can't find what I'm looking for.
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hooray!! clairefontaine makes just what you're looking for.
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Mead makes one-subject spiral bound graph paper notebooks in their Five-Star line. Try a college bookstore if your local office/art supplier doesn't pan out...

like this
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Best answer: You could make your own.
Go buy a spiral bound notebook whose covers you want. Buy a few pads of graph paper, double-sided would be best.
Buy some subject dividers.
Peel off the adhesive gum at the top of the graph paper.
Take the whole works to Kinko's (or equivalent) and they'll spiral-bind it while you wait for $5 or so.

I have been thinking about doing this for a while, but I don't return to lectures until January...
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As per KevCed, you can print your own. From a previous AskMe thread... Go to this link below and print out your own graph pages.
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The Barnes and Noble where I work sells these at a not-too-ridiculous price--maybe $8ish? I love them. The page edges (and I think the lines) are color-coded. I can't find the one I have on the website, unfortunately, and I've taken off the sticker with the ISBN.
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The ones cricket is refering to I believe are made by miquelrius; I have seen them and bought large amounts olf them at B&N when I see them, but they're not there all the time, and I can't find a source for this type of miquelrius book online.
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ah yes, using someone else's link, heres some yummy miquelrius products. i've been in love with these notebooks for well over a decade now: here
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