Can bamboo penetrate fibreglass?
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Can Bamboo (rhizomatous) damage a fibreglass swimming pool?

Our neighbours have a smallish patch of bamboo against their back boundary. We are about to put a fibreglass pool in our backyard that will be about 2 meters from the boundary fence. Currently, the bamboo shoots emerge on our side of the fence and I cut and poison them as necessary. We are intending to get the bamboo removed as soon as possible but are curious as to whether it could in fact damage our pool. Having neighbours control the bamboo on their side is likely to be a constant battle.
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Best answer: The roots of rhizomatous bamboo are soft and will turn away from / run along any barrier they encounter, so damage to the pool isn't very likely. The best long-term solution would be for your neighbor to install a minimum 2 foot deep plastic barrier along their side of the fence to keep the shoots from invading into your side. Failing that, install one on your side as close to the fence as you can.
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I really really doubt it, pmbuko nailed it. They usually use plastic barriers to stop spread and fiberglass is much stronger.
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Response by poster: OK thanks for that. It's good to know. We are actually going to put a barrier on our side of the fence - if only for our for peace of mind.
If I may ask a follow-up question : there will be one row of pavers and then stencilled concrete surrounding the pool. Do you think the bamboo could cause a problem with either?
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Best answer: You don't really say whether the bamboo is a "runner" or a "clumper". Both could come up on your side of the fence, but "runner" bamboo can actually travel quite far, while most "clumping" bamboo won't go outside of it's circle. Depending on it's habit, it could come up between the pavers and be difficult for you. A little education(see site below) on your part and some observation will tell you waht you need to know.

If it's a running bamboo, your best option for least-headaches-per-acre is to invest in that barrier wherever it can come through. It will be a more or less permanent solution. No thinkum once it's in. Check this out for definitive info on barriers.
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If the bamboo can get under the pavers, it can cause a problem. Our driveway is asphalt and totally pitted, raised and cracked from bamboo.
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