How to extract unique slides from multiple powerpoint presentations?
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Is there an automated way to take a directory of Powerpoint presentations, and extract only the unique slides?

I make a LOT of Powerpoint presentations. Moreover, I will do version1, 1.1, 1.26... 4.42, so I have a lot of very similar presentations. Oftentimes the intermediate versions will have some cool ideas that get stripped out by management for the final version. I want to find every unique slide in the evolution of a presentation. And maybe ideally order them from first to last created....
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I can't think of one.

Perhaps a scripting guru would have an idea, but if it were I, I'd have to lump them all in to one big ppt and use sorter to delete duplicates :(

Alternatively, stretching a bit here - What was the source of the pictures - can you sort at that end - I'm thinking picasa over a network kind of thing?
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