Fashionably Late to the Party
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Did I miss Halloween?

A girlfriend of mine is coming back to town today and so tomorrow night we want to go celebrate Halloween together. However, I can't find anything for us to do! I know that last weekend was when all the cool stuff was happening, but surely, there is something we can do on a Wednesday night. Should we just take our chances and attempt a pub crawl? Oh, and we're in the bay area.
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wednesday IS halloween afterall!!! do you have a goth club in your area, that's where i'm headed, it should be quite a spectacle...
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Depending on what you're interested in, here are a few events that have been brought to my attention:

Hellgate Halloween*
@ Fat City, 314 11th Street (Folsom)

Free Free Free! Complimentary Bar. DJ from Popscene.

Now, it's guestlist only so you MUST RSVP.
*Probably.kind of a gamer party since it's a launch party for Hellgate (RPG for Wii scheduled for release in Nov.)

Venni Vetti Vecci Halloween Party
@ Club Six, 60 Sixth Street

3 rooms, different music. Turntables, keyboard electronic techno, and grinding reggae dance hall.

$10 before 10:30, $15 after. Or free before 10:30, $10 after if you get their guestlist (email link on the website or you can guestlist at ).

French Tuesdays Halloween Party
Tickets are $14 for the first 200 people. Pretty sure the bar isn't complimentary either. And probably ritzy pricey.

Also, Cat Club is having a drag queen show and Roe is having a Haunted Hookup Ball.

In other words, there's plenty going on on Wednesday!
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SFStation Halloween Guide
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Response by poster: Yes yes yes!!
This is my first halloween in the bay area and I had no clue where to look.
Thank you all so much.
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Squidlist is always a great resource for finding stuff to do in the bay area.
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