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HalloweenCostumeFilter: My band has a gig on Halloween in the East Village of NYC. Can you help me complete my costume? I can't use my hands, because of the instrument I play. I usually wear a black suit, bowtie, and bowler hat, and I am looking for minimal detail that can be added to make a quickly and commonly identified costume. Last year I wore some terminator makeup on my head and that was enough. Any recommendations?
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I'd go CLOCKWORK ORANGE with it and keep the hat.
posted by Gucky at 10:17 PM on October 29, 2007

Alex from Clockwork Orange? First thing I thought of, but the bow tie might be weird.
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Response by poster: The clockwork orange idea is good, if I can find a giant white codpiece.

I should mention that because we are an Okinawan Pop band most of the bandmembers will be dressed in Anime-style or traditional Japanese/Okinawan outfits. I wear the suit to stand out, so something crazy only blends in more.
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How about a fake green apple attached to a wire attached to the top of your hat so that the apple hangs down in front of your face.
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Add a mustache and you can say you're Charlie Chaplin.
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Add a moustache and keep quiet for the night and you're most of the way to Charlie Chaplin.
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How about the John Steed from The Avengers
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Why not go John Steed from the Avengers? Though you can't use your hands to carry an umbrella, you might hook one over your arm when you come out -- and add a carnation to your buttonhole?

Alternately, a grease-paint mustache and some ill-sized shoes could turn you into a passable Charlie Chaplin.

Batman's 'The Riddler' wouldn't need anything more than some sticky-tape appliqué question-marks on the bowler, and a very loud necktie.

If you're of the portly persuasion, a cigar, a pocket handkerchief and a gluttony of medallions might swing the vote toward Churchill.

Finally, with a potato in your pocket and a newspaper under your arm, a slender cane, a gut full of booze, a penile tumescence, and a heavy heart you could sing under the heaventree of stars hung with humid nightblue fruit like good ol' Leo Bloom. (Just avoid the girlies on the Strand)
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My band was going to be Team Zissou until our Halloween gig got canceled. But I have the whole costume and I'm using it that night anyway.
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I was going to say John Steed as well- a waistcoat, regular tie and red carnation would do the trick.
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KISS makeup.
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If you go Clockwork Orange, you do't actually need a codpiece. A white jockstrap will do well enough to give the point. And drink white russians all night.
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The Charlie Chaplin look is what first occurred to me, as well. To do it correctly, however, your jacket needs to be a bit too small, the pants and shoes a bit too big, because, remember, he was "The Little Tramp" and it's safe to assume that he wore whatever clothing he could find. Also, dark eyeliner, and then the Hitler-like mustache.
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Ditto to Clockwork Orange.
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Response by poster: Well, I went shopping for a costume today and decided on Oddjob, the James Bond villain from Goldfinger. All I need is a mustache and a golf bag.

Thanks for the great suggestions. They will come in handy for future shows!
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