Best. TV. ad. ever. (if it actually exists)
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SurrealTelevisionAdFilter: Did my friend really see an ad in which a family reacts in abject terror when the cartoon sun character on the juice bottle comes to life at their breakfast table?

It sounds like something Saturday Night Live would have done as a spoof ad, but my friend swears she saw it on Telemundo roughly 10 years ago during daytime soaps (telenovelas). (And no, she was not under the influence of any mind-altering substances at the time.) She described it as a mother and two kids in a typical breakfast table setting, featuring a bottle of something like Sunny Delight whose label has a sun with a face. And, as usually happens in such ads, at a certain point the little sun comes to life and starts talking to them. Instead of the "usual" reaction though, the kids start screaming and crying and the mother, terrified for her children, tries frantically to shield them and get them away from the apparition.

I truly hope this ad exists because I would love to see it (and would love to be able to reunite my friend with it). So far, though, my google and youtube searches haven't yielded any trace of such a thing. Please help me, hive mind! Do you have a copy of this ad, or do you know where I might find it (or even some reference to its existence)?

I suppose HyperrealTelevisionAdFilter would be a more apt description, since terror is certainly a more realistic reaction than glee to an illustrated character that spontaneously animates at your table while you're trying to eat breakfast.
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Best answer: It was a real ad, but for Sprite. They were parodying all the "cute character" ads.

Here's the video, if we're talking about the same thing.
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Best answer: It's a Sprite commercial.
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Whoops, beaten.
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Spike Jonze did that ad, FWIW.
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Response by poster: Thanks Riki tiki and Partial Law! And thanks Sticherbeast for pointing that out. The hive mind never ceases to impress.
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Something in the same vein.
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Something similar from MadTV.

The Sprite commercial is funnier, though.
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Pretty sure The State did this concept first with a fabric softener teddy bear that the woman beats to deal with an iron.
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