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Looking for info. on two Arabic films - one Egyptian and one Tunisian (I think), which I saw at a summer language program.

The Egyptian film is old - black and white - and tells the story of a middle-aged businessman with a large family and a chaotic homelife. His eldest daughter is about to marry and because of the wedding he runs into financial troubles and borrows money from his office. I can't remember if he's caught or almost caught but whatever the circumstances, the film ends happily.

The other film is fairly contemporary (possibly made in the last 15 years) and is called "Bab al Medina." It's either Tunisian or Moroccan. I can't find any info. on IMDB and Google turns up nothing useful given the common nature of the title. I'm looking for the director's name and/or any links to info on the film itself.
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Best answer: For the second one, you're sure you're not thinking of Bab El-Oued City (1994)? It's neither Tunisian nor Moroccan but Algerian, and the title's different, but it's all I've got.
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Response by poster: That's it! Wow, was I off. Thank you languagehat!
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