Which running shoe can replace the New Balance 991?
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Which running shoe is comparable to the New Balance 991?

I've gone through several pairs of 991's since the 80's but the 991 has been replaced by the 992 and the user reviews on the 992 haven't been very good. Besides, I never liked paying over $100 for the 991 when part of the sole wore out within in a year anyway.
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Going to a running store is going to be your best bet, if someone doesn't have an answer here. Also, what amount of support did the show have? I have to have moderate to high support to keep from overpronating when I run - if that's what you're looking for, I can recommend the shoes I've used recently (Adidas and Brooks, I'd have to go look to find out the specific type.)

A running store will give you the best fit for your run style, and you shouldn't have to pay over $100 for a good shoe (though, in my experience, close to it).
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I have had exactly the same problem.
I love my 991.
The "new" 992 didn't fit.
Fortunately, the store had a few 991 left.
I don't know what I'll get next Spring, but seconding bibbit: running shoe store.
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qsy & bru: wow again--I also wore the 991 for many years and the 992 didn't work.

I've been happy with a Saucony 2350-10.

But in all honesty, that gray 991 motif was pretty ugly, wasn't it?
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kellysrunnignwarehouse has the deals once you find what you want. Assuming you don't have a relationship with your running store. (No 991s alas)
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You should give the 992s a chance - I've found them to be a worthy successor to the 991. Try a pair on and see if they work for you, but mind that the sizing may be a little different than the 991 size you wore. I had to go down a size and width.
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