Where can I find patterns for maternity tops?
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My mom has generously offered to make me some maternity tops. Unfortunately, we can't find any patterns. Help!

My mom is pretty handy with a sewing machine (she made me tops and nightgowns when I was a kid and makes herself nursing scrub tops now) and she'd really like to sew me some maternity tops. Unfortunately she's looked in craft stores and I've looked online and neither of us can find much in the way of patterns for maternity tops.

My mom is very excited to do this (I think her mom or sisters sewed her some while she was pregnant) but has been really disappointed at the lack of patterns out there. Does anyone know where we could find patterns? Thanks!
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Kwik Sew
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If you can't find Burda or Kwik Sew in town, they're sold online. I like PatternReview.
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also, fwiw, my pregnant coworker found that those babydoll tops that are so popular in the juniors department actually worked very well for her until about month seven. she also wears stretchy tops that show off the belly (not exposing, just the shape) and looks very cute, so don't be afraid of form-fitting things.
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I haven't tried these instructions on how to alter a pattern yet but it looks like they might be useful.
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McCall and Butterick also have a few maternity patterns, but only a couple each, and they tend to be really casual.

Craft stores are not where you find sewing patterns. Fabric stores (JoAnns, Hancock Fabrics, your local independent fabric store) are where you find sewing patterns.

Baby doll and yoked styles are fairly popular this season, and you may be able to wear non-maternity styles for quite a while.
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I've used one of the Built By Wendy Simplicity shirt patterns and I think at least two of her shirt patterns make good maternity shirts.

I did 3835 and I could easily wear the top I made in my current size up to a couple months pregnant, and wear it in a couple sizes larger throughout a pregnancy. It's perfect as a maternity top.
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Oh, and I also have this pattern which I haven't used yet that I think would accommodate a pregnant belly very well.
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