Because going as a Goth is kinda out...
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Forthcoming Halloween party with a fancy dress theme. I'm a Chinese bloke who hates dressing up. any particular suggestions?

Bear in mind that for one stag night, I tried going as Al Capone. Everyone just thought I was Oddjob.
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Maybe Jackie Chan's character from The Tuxedo? Could be fun building a suit with interesting contraptions.
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One of my favorites that requires only one element of costuming, is a "Chick Magnet": dress up in your swankiest, mostly black, guy-clothes and find some chicken stickers--or go to a craft store and just grab some yellow puff balls. Using whatever you want (safety pins, double stick tape, whatever), put the yellow puff balls all over your clothes. Stickers are a lot easier, but more difficult to find. Ducky stickers work nearly as well.
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Wear a cheongsam, as if it were 1899 or thereabouts. Perhaps you could look like these fellows.

(And if anybody asks if you're dressed as Fu Manchu, go ahead and punch them.)
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Well, apparently you could go as Oddjob. Seriously, it depends on how annoying it is to you to make your ethnicity your costume.

If you want to look really stunning, you should be the King of Siam (got a local theatre with leftover "The King and I" costumes?)

Or, to flip that around, you could be any other well-dressed character from any other film and point out that if a Russian can play the King of Siam, you can be whoever the hell you want for Halloween.
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Best answer: My default for no-clothing-change last-minute costume is: get an eyeliner pencil and give yourself a fake goatee. You are now your own evil twin. Enjoy!
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One of the guests at a big halloween party I ent to in Beijing last year went as Kim Jong Il. She brought the house down!
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Get the Al Capone/Oddjob suit out and add a toy machine gun, a fedora, a tiara and those little pink wings you can get in most toy departments and go as the fairy godfather.
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Wear a fancy dress.
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Obviously the wrong flavor of asian, but my Korean boyfriend was Kim Jong Il in a badly fitting suit from a thrift store and a pair of big sunglasses, went over pretty well.

Oh, on further reading of the above comments, seconding Pollomacho.
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you can take my no-frills last minute party dress up from last year halloween.

1.wear regular clothes, preferably jeans.
2. dab either red acrylic (non-toxic) paint, lipstick or face make up on nose (nostrils).
3. when that dries, dry dab white acrylic (non-toxic) paint on face or talcum powder on nose. (so they don't mix with red)

choose what starlet you are! try being kate moss or lindsey lohan!

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or Pete Doherty, given your bloke-itude.
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Guy at the office one year wore white pants and shirt, handed around markers, let people draw on him. He was single and it was a great ice-breaker.
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