What's your favorite romantic getaway?
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What's your favorite romantic getaway? The lady and I are looking to take a vacation (probably someplace warm) in January on a modest (~$1k/pp hotel and airfare) budget. But where?

Where do you go with your S.O. when you want some time away? I'm really open to any and all suggestions (because, hey, I'll file away for future reference what we can't do/afford this year!)

My investigation so far has been island getaways: Hawaii and assorted Caribbean destinations (USVI, BVI, Turks & Caicos, and all the rest). Other destinations (Europe, etc) are also fair game. I'm suffering from option overload, so I turn to you, oh mighty hivemind, asking where you've been and why you liked it.

Details: We're a twentysomething couple, looking at the second week in January. We're aiming for 4-6 nights in the neighborhood of $1k per person for hotel and airfare. (If it matters, we're probably departing from Chicago airports, though an NYC departure is a possibility.) I'm leaning away from all-inclusive resorts, and wouldn't mind something in a little more secluded setting (plantation-type, though I'm not sure that's within the budget.) Stuff to explore/see/do (ruins, historic quarters, etc) is a definite plus.

I've dug through the AskMeFi archives, but haven't quite found what I'm looking for on this open-ended question. Thanks, everybody!
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Mr. Tigerjade and I always run off to Charleston SC when in need of a little alone time. It has wonderful restaurants, LOTS of things to walk around and look at, plenty of history (the ghost tours are particularly fun, although not once have we had any luck seeing one), and shopping.

We love Charleston because of the history, and the tours. They have wonderful ghost and historical tours, and of course you can wander around all day, every day, and not see the same thing twice.
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Costa Rica, and I only say that because it has been mentioned often on AskMe and sounds like someplace I'd want to go. Do a search.
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Southwest Turkey. Kilometers of sandy beaches, ruins, diving, art, great food, interesting people. Try Kas, Fethiye, or Olu Deniz.
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I'm dealing with the exact same vacation question right now--want a winter trip with the SO, hate all-inclusives, someplace warm would be great...so far I've been focusing on Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, mostly because of the cheap airfare. Puerto Rico has these paradores (small, often family-run resorts) that look pretty cheap, and some of them are actually described as plantation-like. The Dominican Republic looks cheaper, but possibly more prone to being sketchy. Also, a general travel hint: Frommers runs an unbelievably thorough website with a ton of listings. Oh, also, BudgetTravel just published an article about cheap hotels, although some of them still seem pretty pricey to me.

Good luck. Let me know if you find anything particularly awesome, and I'll do the same.
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Best answer: Belize.

The missus and I went down there earlier in the year and stayed on Caye Caulker. Had an excellent time. Plenty to see and do on the water, and we had an excellent trip inland to see Lamanai, a huge Mayan settlement.

Or you can just lounge in typical island style.
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I would stay away from international destinations right now because the exchange rate against the dollar won't buy you much. I have two suggestions-- Savannah, Georgia is wonderful and has everything you could want-- history, beach access, horse-drawn carriage rides. I also had a fantastic time flying in to Miami and renting a car and driving down the Florida Keys all the way to Key West. There is always something going on in Key West and the trip down on the two lane highway with the tunes blasting and the tropical breezes blowing was wonderful. You can see ocean on both sides of the highway for much of the trip. January is high season in Florida, it might be a slower drive than the time of year when I went, but it was still a great place to unwind and enjoy some beautiful scenery.
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We are cruisers…
I never thought I would really enjoy it but am hooked (also twenty something). It really is a great value (add-on’s include shore tours BUT at least you know it’s with reputable vendors) especially in the 1K per person range – you also might be able to get a balcony.

Take a look at what Carnival has to offer.
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San Antonio, Texas (no really).

Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Awesome weather, gentle and genteel folks.
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Puerto Rico, Sanibel Island
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I second Puerto Rico. No passport, great weather, beaches and nice people. Maybe try Vieques as well if you want seclusion.

This is also a must in PR if you guys are adventure hiking people.
And if you're leaving from NY or Chicago flights might be dirt cheap.
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my link isn't working but here's the website:

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We just got back from Montego Bay 2 weeks ago, and the new hubby and i enjoyed it so much we're going back at christmas!
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We are cruisers…

I don't think that means what you think it means...
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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Well, it's warmer than Chicago, but snow in January would not be at all unusual. Lots of history though.
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Furnace Creek Inn
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Best answer: I second Belize, and Caye Caulker... I'm getting married there in March! <3 It's Caribbean and Central American all in one. I prefer it over Costa Rica -- Belize is far more diverse and relaxed. Also, the weather is famously perfect in January. Plane tickets from the US average about $450 to $550, and rooms are anything from $20 to $150 a night. Have fun!
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Response by poster: I'm following up on this old post, since I noticed people are still favorite-ing and hence searching it out.

Caye Caulker is terrific if you're searching for something a little unusual, but still in the warm/romantic category. (though, honestly, it'd be a great place to visit with a group of folks, too.) Very low key, good mix of nationalities/ages/lifestyles, and entirely unpretentious. And cheap, to boot. (It's *not* super-high-end luxury, though, so if you're seeking that, look elsewhere.)

Diving, snorkeling, hiking, etc, are all a day trips out, and there's always regular lounging around, if that's what you seek.
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