Staying in Sunriver, Oregon
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Looking for fun things to do/see around Sunriver, Oregon this weekend. We'll be there Thursday through Sunday. Familiar with the Bend, OR area?

My parents are visiting me and my wife, so we're all taking a trip to Sunriver on Thursday. We'll be staying at a resort in Sunriver, but I'm looking for ideas for activities in both Sunriver and Bend.

We're looking for great places to eat, parks to visit with breathtaking views, wineries, and the likes. Give me a local's perspective - anything helps!

So far, we've discussed going to McMenamins Old St. Francis School and the High Desert Museum.
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Sisters is a cute town about a half hour from Bend. If you go there, take a short drive to the Dee Wright Observatory. It's basically a pile of rocks with a room in the middle, but the views are amazing.

Votes for McMenamins and the High Desert Museum too.
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Oh, and while you're in Bend, drive or hike to the top of Pilot Butte.
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I've been spending one or two weekends a year in Sunriver with friends for the past decade. Never been there in October, though. (Nearly November!)

When we go, I like to go horseback riding. You can pay $30(?) for an hour ride at the Sunriver stables. We like to eat at the Trout House, which is also near the resort. There are plenty of bike/running paths -- we always take a stroll or a ride. Day trip to Crater Lake? We're usually there in April, so the snow hasn't cleared, and the drive is probably a little long, but it's a possibility.

Mainly, though, we like to lounge around in the home we've rented, sit in the hot tub, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Have fun!
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One more...

Lava River Cave is between Bend and Sunriver, but it might be closed by now.
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The high desert museum is awesome. Be sure to check out the Lava Beds spot nearby as well, which lets you drive right up to the top of a huge cinder cone (the view is amazing).
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Response by poster: A co-worker just recommended Deschutes Brewery along with Paulena Lake.

We really wanted to go to the Lava River Cave, but it looks like they closed a couple weeks ago.

Observatory sounds fun - have to stop there while driving through Sisters.

I believe we're staying at a place called "The Ridge".
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If you like to hike, monkey head is great. Also, deepfriedtwinkies works in Bend all the time, you should shoot him an e-mail, I bet he knows a ton of cool places.
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Response by poster: Anyone ever been to a place called Pint Tavern in Bend? Another co-worker just recommended it. So many things to do!
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I'm sure you'll hit it by default, but downtown Bend's Drake Park is insanely pretty this time of year. Smith Rock State Park is about an hour away and has great views. I also love the Cascade Lakes Drive, especially Sparks Lake. (Make sure this road is still open before you go, it might be snowed in by now.) And I'll third the High Desert Museum.

For a nice dinner out, check out Blacksmith (closing soon for renovation) or Merenda.
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