SOCKS proxy on OS X. What a bunch of ocks.
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I'd like to use certain, specific applications over a SOCKS proxy on OS X. Is this possible?

Skype on the Mac, for example, doesn't have proxy settings built in. Is it possible to channel anything Skype does through a proxy, while running everything else over my normal internet connection?
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As far as I'm aware, tsocks works on OSX. It doesn't have a pretty GUI but it ought to do the job.
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I haven't found anything that forces proxying in OSX at the application level.

Here are some directions on how to enable a SOCKS proxy for all native (Cocoa/WebKit-based) applications.

Sorry if that's not helpful.
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Looking at what majick said, in theory tsocks should work at the application level. Whether Skype can even work over SOCKS is another issue.
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You're looking for Proxifier, which is a cross-platform app (there's a native OS X version) that'll let you set granular proxy settings up.
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