Best briefcase to hold a laptop computer?
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What's a great briefcase to hold a laptop computer? It needs to be respectable looking, and have a good shoulder strap. [More inside].

Another way of asking -- since a sort of different question has been asked before -- is, what's a briefcase that will hold a laptop, that you can carry with a suit to a meeting? I used to a carry a messenger bag, but it's not really dressy enough anymore. Does anyone own one of those briefcases that claim to fit a laptop?
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Perhaps not quite what you're looking for, but I have a generic smart leather satchel for papers and books, and one of these slip-cases for my PowerBook. PowerBook goes in the slip-case (provides basic scratch protection), and the slip-case goes into the satchel.

Works great for me, but I guess it depends on how big your laptop is, and how much protection you want to give it.

(Seen in action at the first UK MeFi meet! Ahem.)
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The ultimate secret-agent laptop bag.
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I have a Zeroshock sleeve which I then carry in my rucksack or roll-on or posh case. I like it and trust it. It comes in smaller sizes too; I had one for my old Vaio sub-laptop.
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Acme Made
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I bought an aluminum briefcase on Ebay for $10 that works. I ripped off the nameplate, but lemme check my archives..

It was similar to this. The strap is ok, but I have a 12" ibook and didn't really need it. It has made my laptop so useful that I never use my Palm anymore.
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