Rubber shoes for all weathers?
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Please help me locate some rubber shoes. I want them to be completely rubber, so I can just rinse them clean under running water. They're not for what you think... ;)

I'm looking for some shoes I can quickly slip on to my feet, and dash up the garden in. The main feature I'm looking for is to be able to get them on and off quickly. I want them to have no shoelaces. I want them to be completely rubber, so I can leave them out in all weather, and rinse them under the hose when they get dirty. Something that looks like a clog would be ideal - wellington boots are out. I want something that I can just poke my toes into and go, so I'd rather avoid something with a heel. Speed is of the essence (with regards to wearing them).

I'm not bothered by colour (though I'd prefer not to have fuchsia pink ones) or toe protection or anything like that. The shoes shown on this site are sort of what I'm looking for, but they have a heel, and the lining looks to be some kind of fur. I can just imagine myself rinsing them, and then getting a wet sock next time I put them on.

What are your experiences with such footwear, and where can I order some from (preferably from a UK based web company)? Any particular brand I should go for? Anything I should look out for when ordering, such as the size?
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Why not some crocs?
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I love my beach socks for every reason you've mentioned.
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Tingley also has tons of rubber shoes - some are supposed to fit over other shoes but those might be even easier for on/off.
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They're not for what you think

Um...I thought they would be for gardening.... ;)

You could try Crocs, or Burpee garden clogs, or these from Smith and Hawken. They have a liner that pops out. I have those and like them a lot. I wear them without the liner so there's no fabric at all - just rubber.
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Crocs are my garden shoes. If you flip the heel strap up, they become easier to slip on and off and I definitely have hosed them off a time or two.
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These ?
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nth-ing crocs ... they even make ones without holes and also a slip-on boot version. you can hose them off and leave them out, or even throw them in the washer.
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Besides the other previously-mentioned ones, Birkenstock and Keen also make some nice all-plastic clogs.
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This is what Crocs are for. Order slightly large, in my experience for added comfort/ease.
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Totes galoshes...which you can find at shoe repair shops
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Cut up a pair of old, used wellington boots and make clogs out of them? I've seen several people do that for just your purpose, and it's really easy. Doesn't matter if there are holes in them etc. :).
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Crocs are great for light gardening, but I can't recommend "leaving them out in all weather."
I left my crocs outside in my backyard for two days (summer, Texas) and the shoes shrank, curled, and the nerfy material hardened. YMMV
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Crocs are for children and fashion victims.
you want these.
They are the equivalent of slip-on wellies, have no holes through which mud can enter, and are tough and thick enough to wear in all kinds of weather. I own a pair and they are the best footwear investment I've made in years.
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sloggers look good as well as jollys. any rubber garden clog seems to be what you're looking for. my mom always has a pair and leaves them outside year round (central california), and they hold up perfectly well.
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