Help me win a pie making competition.
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Help me win a pie making competition.

I have been challenged to a Pie-Off this weekend, and am looking for interesting savoury pies that could win me this challenge.

I have looked and found sweet pies in the archive but am looking for a meaty number to blow away the competition.

I am in the UK and have not got access to exotic meats, so no crocodile or zebra based pies please!
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Without a doubt, steak & kidney pie. Bonus points for traditional English cooking being very in at the moment.

Check out this Gordon Ramsey recipe. Would be awesome with some turnip and mash potatoes on the site.

Why the hell doesn't anyone challenge me to a Pie-Off?!?!
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s/ turnip and mash potatoes on the side
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For steak+kidney, I'd go to a butcher for the meat and use this mashed potato recipe (the secret is to steam the potatoes).

I want to judge a pie-off.
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I'm just making this up right now. I make a lot of savory pies and quiches, but they are too normal for your competition.

Thanksgiving pie:

Crust: Grate sweet potato, mix with egg and salt, press into pie pan to form solid crust, bake at 350 until crisp (maybe 400 depending on water level of potatoes)

Layer of Roast Turkey
Layer of sauteed (with salt and pepper) celery, onions, mushrooms and chestnuts
Ladel in just a little home-made gravy (or condensed cream of mushroom soup)
Layer of homemade cranberry sauce on top, spread even with spatula (can you get cranberries there?)

Bake for 40 minutes at 350 (cover if cranberry browns too much)

Sweet/Savory crust is a good way to go. You can also make regular potato crust.

The cranberry will make it look like it's a normal pie until the big reveal.
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If your doing steak and kidney then could you get away with doing it as a pudding or would that lose you you it on a technicality?
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Fresh cranberries.
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I don't have a meaty recipe for you, but you might want to check out this thread at eGullet on alcohol in pie crusts. I tried it and it really does make a difference in quality...
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the ideas, I didn't use any though, but I did manage to come second! With a chilli beef and ale pie. I think I did well due to my puff pastry, so here is the recipe that I used.
Puff Pastry
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