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How do I stop ripping my pants?

I need to buy new pants, all of the pairs that I currently own are more or less unwearable at this point, and all for the same reason: Each and every one of them has torn in the exact same spot, directly between the legs. Since no one wants to see my taint, it's time to get some new covering. I'd like to prevent this problem in the future, however, so I was hoping that the hivemind could help me.

Information that might be useful: I'm 6'6", and about 235 lbs. Although there's a bit more of me around the waist than I'd like, I'd say that I have a fairly average build. I've experienced this problem with all sorts of fits; loose or tight, it doesn't seem to matter. The brand quality doesn't make a difference, either, since I've had this problem with everything from Anchor Blue jeans to Armani dress pants. Rips seem to occur most often when I'm in the process of sitting down "Indian style" on the floor; as my legs stretch some fabric will catch on my knee and then pull apart the seams where the legs join.

Is there some style of pants that I can buy where this will be less of a problem? I'm tired of having to replace every pair of pants that I own less than two months after I buy them.
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I've had this happen with a couple of pairs of the loose pajama pants I like - in all cases, it happened because the crotch was too baggy and so it was getting stretched as my thighs spread. (Not as dirty as it sounds! I swear!) Find some that fit more snugly, or make sure they're belted higher, and you should be good.
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Military BDU pants usually have a double crotch, and some pants made for rock climbing and other outdoor activities have extra fabric panels in the crotch (Gramicci makes some).

If I was guessing, though, I'd say that this is a problem with the way you're moving in your pants, or perhaps the way you're wearing them (too big? small? wearing 'em too low?), rather than the pants per se. I'm no tailor, though, so that's just a guess.
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Dang, that's trouble. I'm rough on clothes (maybe not as rough as you), and I find that it helps to pinch the fabric of my pants at the front of my thighs and lift it up some just before I sit down. This gives your pantlegs the requisite slack to keep from catching at the knees.

Also, visit a tailor. They can sew patches into places that you know will soon rip, and they have all kinds of useful information about these kinds of things.
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Buy larger pants.

I'm being serious here. If you are putting enough pressure on a pair of pants that it's ripping, then they don't fit.
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Before sitting down, hike up your pants Urkel-style. Simple but effective.
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My experience is that same as restless_nomad's. I've been belting higher these days and this has stopped happening.
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The problem you're having, I think is not one of size. The problem is that the crotch of the pants is riding too low. When that happens, any movement of the legs puts undue stress on it. I had the same problem when I used to do a heavy lifting kind of job. I tended to tear my pants when I was getting in the truck because the crotch was too low and they'd catch on my knees and tear in the crotch. Bigger or smaller, just be sure that the crotch is in the right place and you should be fine.
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You can buy men's pants with a gusset (extra piece of cloth) in the crotch for this exact reason. Here's one place: http://www.allamericanclothing.com/index.php; Google "crotch gusset" for more.
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nthing that your pants are too low in the crotch. Either wear them higher or buy pants that are made to sit lower on your waist/hips if you prefer them there.
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Have you tried some carefully sized high quality denim? I would suggest japanese brands like Samurai, Pure Blue Jeans, Skulls, or maybe IronHearts with a crotch rivet? Check out http://supertalk.superfuture.com/forumdisplay.php?f=15 for further information about sizing and buying.

You could also try using some workwear or pants made for outdoor acitivites such as hiking.

Dresspants doesn't set any quality standards, even if they're made by armani.
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Mr pearlybob has the same problem. Find some pants that you like and take them to a taylor to have the stride taken up. It will cost a bit but you'll save money in the long run and you will love having pants that fit and feel good. Good luck!
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Hike your pants up just above the knee, just before sitting down Indian-style. You want to do this just to create some slack at the crotch area, instead of pulling it taut.
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A tailor can also repair your previously ripped pants.
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Duluth Trading has pants with a gusset.
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Arborwear sells a variety of pants made for tree climbing that should hold up better than what you are wearing now. Carhartt makes very nice work pants, as well (work pants as in physical work, not as in office work).

But I'm guessing that you are having two problems -- one is a fit issue, possibly including letting your pants sag too low, as suggested above. The other is that you are a big guy whose ordinary movements are putting a lot more stress on his clothes than a smaller person's would. I would suggest a) being very careful about the fit, including waist, rise, etc, and b) buying trousers made of heavier materials and made for tougher conditions (like the Arborwear and Carhartts I mentioned before, or the BDUs someone suggested).
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