SMW Seeks Soup Dumplings In TX For Delicious Time
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Are there any restaurants in Texas where I can get Chinese soup dumplings?

When I lived in NJ, I'd make a trip up to Chinatown for soup dumplings at Shanghai Joe's.

When they opened up a companion restaurant mere blocks from my apartment in New Brunswick, NJ (Shanghai Goodies) I would get soup dumplings and crispy salt-and-pepper eel every week.

When I moved to Arlington, TX, I found plenty of places to get bubble tea, but no places that do soup dumplings! I mentioned this longing to some friends who lived in Austin, and they said they were sure there was some place that did those... but they couldn't remember.

My Google-Fu has failed me, so I'm hoping the hive mind can help me out. Anybody know anywhere in Texas I can find these again? Bonus points for one in the DFW area.

Triple word score if said restaurant also does crispy salt-and-pepper eel.
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I've never heard xiao long bao called soup dumplings before, but any shanghainese restaurant should serve them though.
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Best answer: It looks like Shanghai does them, and a couple of other places are mentioned in this thread. I don't know about the eel, though.
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Their Mandarin pronunciation is shwai jiao (i cannot recall the proper pinyin for the first word, its pronounced shu-way jee yao). You might go into a Chinese restaurant and ask, often you can buy them frozen at Asian markets. They are also pretty simple to make from scratch if you are so inclined.
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Best answer: Just FYI, 小笼包(xiaolongbao or "soup dumplings") are entirely different from 水饺(shuijiao, what BobbyDigital is referring to). The former are soft steamed buns filled with a spoonful of soup and other filling. The latter feature a wonton-like wrapper you can buy in many grocery stores and are cooked by boiling and often eaten in soup.
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No bonus points for me, but soup dumplings are available at the Fu Fu Cafe in Houston.
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Best answer: Yao Fuzi and Shanghai Restaurant both have xiao long bao. Enjoy!
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