IR35 (UK) News as RSS feeds?
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Any advice on which websites offer the best information on IR35 in the UK in a format that would allow me to easily keep up to date with the latest developments or issues?

I'm ideally looking for RSS feeds, but email newsletters would be okay.

As a UK qualified (CIMA) accountant, I've been through the IR35 legislation on to ensure I'm compliant, but need a resource that lets me know if anything changes that I should be aware of. As I work in big businesses, I don't have to keep up to date with IR35 as part of my job - I just need to make sure my own business is compliant.
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Check out UK IT Contractor sites e.g. the PCG. IT Contractors are one of the prime groups affected by the legislation so tend to discuss it a LOT (at length, ad nauseum).
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Seconding PCG - I found the site the most helpful source of information on this. I can't remember the link on the site, but they do a PDF guide for freelancers that's got heaps of information on managing your IR35 exposure.
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