Me need mor math and chemistry
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Does anyone know of any one-year science-ish programs for those who have a bachelors, but who want to bulk up on science and/or math.

I'm probably going into a master's in nutrition or food policy, but I didn't take a lot of science (only one year chem) at an undergrad level. Are there any programs that cater specifically to those just wanting to bulk up on quant skills as preparation for another degree or science career?
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I think most Post-bac courses are designed for that. Usually the focus is 'I decided to go to med school but wasn't a science major', but some are slightly more general. There's a list here, but I didn't hunt very hard for one specific to your case.
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Your profile doesn't say where you are, but unless your local system is atrocious, this is exactly what community college is for. Really, many college educated (hailing from alma maters like Oxford and MIT) adults I know went to community college to get their feet wet in something outside their area of expertise and reported it as or more challenging than their work at "real" schools.
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There are a ton of these geared for those people in a similar situation that want to head for med school, but those might suit your needs. The Association of American Medical Colleges has a searchable database for these kinds of programs, or just google something like "pre-med post-bac".
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Check out Columbia's Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences masters program
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For math, you'll want human teachers and so community college is probably the right approach.

For science, a fun way to get a decent science education is to subscribe to layperson's science magazines like Scientific American, Discover, Science News and such. Over the course of a year, you'll find yourself basically conversant in all the current science.
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I believe several schools such as Bryn Mawr and others offer a special program to prepare people for medical school who didn't have a science major. Perhaps that's what you are looking for?
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