Snapfish for medium format?
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I'm looking for a mail-order photo developing service that will take 120 film. I love the concept of Snapfish, but they only take 35mm! Is there a decent service out there that does medium-format?
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I asked the same question in a photographer's forum within the last year. I'll see if I can track it down if I can even remember which forum it was. I do know I didn't like the answer. I think there was one lab and it was pretty expensive. More later if I find it.
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OK, I tracked it down. It was on and the only response I got was that PhotoHaus in Yakima WA may do it. But it may not be mentioned on the site, so you would have to call them. The person who replied to me said he had called them while on vacation and they said they could do it. But... that's all I know.
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Quick Stop Photo develops it. They've got great color correcting, borders and metallic paper.

I've recommended this a few times other places on MeFi because my wife works there and they do great work.
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Your profile indicates that you are in LA, and I'd be amazed if you couldn't find an excellent local lab. Look into photo finishing on google maps. You might even find a place accross town you could mail things to.
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Thanks mnology! Quick Stop definitely sounds worth checking out.

roygbv - yes, I'm in LA, but I'm not just looking for myself.
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