Attractive shelves for holding plastic tubs?
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Shelves, with doors, that hold large plastic tubs?

My family and I keep most of our stuff in big plastic tubs. I'm trying to find cabinets that we could put the tubs on and close the doors, thus making our living room look a little less like a garage.

Any advice on where to get such things? (I'm in the USA, near Seattle.)
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I don't know how handy you are, maybe you could get a little help, but 3/4" birch-faced plywood can be ordered precut and assembled into custom shelves pretty easily. Glue a 3/4" half round trim over the exposed edges for a finished look. Paint it or varnish it.
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Here's a small space on Apartment Therapy that uses a wall length curtain to hide all their storage. Look at the slide show if you want to see it drawn back.

Also maybe Cabinets by Pete.

Other places I'd look: CB2, the above mentioned Ikea, Pottery Barn Kids, Target, Container Store and other similar places. Good luck!
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