Looking for a short yellow dress with long sleeves
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I'm dressing up as the Morton Salt Girl for Halloween. Where can I find her outfit (ie, long sleeves, smocked yellow dress) for an adult?
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What size do you need?
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It doesn't appear smocked so much as pintucked. This is a fantastic costume idea!

I would buy a longsleeved cotton nightgown, shorten the hem, and dye it yellow.
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In my search travels I came across two photos of girls in Morton Salt costumes - neither one has a dress that's even close to the one on the label, but you immediately recognize the brand anyway. You could find something to hem/dye at your local thrift shop, I'll bet.
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I had the same idea a few years ago and I just couldn't find a yellow dress that worked.

Any long-sleeved empire-waist or babydoll dress in yellow would get the message across - you're likely to find knit versions. This one in mustard is short-sleeved, but looks perfect otherwise.

Carry the can of salt around with you, but empty it out first :) You can use it as a purse!
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Well, dang. The dress I linked to is only in x-small. I haven't found any others that would really work, either.

One other thing - look for long tunic tops in addition to dresses, since they're everywhere these days and some of them read as dresses. Just be sure to get completely opaque leggings or tights (white is true to the logo, but black would work) to put underneath.
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Size Small or XS is fine - thanks for the suggestions guys!
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I always thought she was wearing a raincoat.
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You're lucky that short empire-waist dresses in bright colors are in right now! I'd try Forever 21, if you can stomach it.
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hmm i found this dress.
looks pretty close! but it's a uk link... not sure whether you'd want to go to all that trouble to get it if you're in the states.
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H&M has that style dress all the time. You might luck out.
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