How do I get back in Google's good graces?
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How did I get blacklisted from Google, and how can I get un-blacklisted? I realize this question is similar to one asked back in 2005, but was really hoping that things have changed significantly since then.

My site, which has been online since 1999, was removed from Google approximately ten days ago. Before being blocked, I was highly ranked for dozens of key words. Google has provided no explanation for the block and offers no customer support. My online requests to be re-indexed have been ignored. My site conforms to all of Google's guidelines. This useless page is the only resource the company has on the issue:

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Needless to say, I find it very disconcerting that a company as powerful as Google (a virtual monopoly) can, on a whim, block a reputable URL.
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The cited page is not apparently useless. You haven't given any reason why Google's comments are invalid or unhelpful. You haven't stated whether you followed Google's suggestions and if so, with what results. You haven't given any basis for your allegation that Google performed any act intentionally, or "on a whim." You haven't given MeFi readers any way of helping you out of your confusion.
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Are you sure its been black-listed? Sometimes some sites disappear at random and reappear shortly later. Are you using their webmaster tools?
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Did you try the Google Webmaster tools?
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My site vanished for approximately one week. Then, it popped back up again. If I googled the complete URL, I got nothing. If I typed in keywords, nothing. No explanation. It just went away - but then it returned. I have no idea why.

During that entire time, I could go directly to my site with no trouble, so it had nothing to do with the site itself.
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If you're well aware of all the keywords you were ranked on, perhaps you were doing something non-kosher to get that way and google noticed? Without any additional info to go on, we're all here taking guesses, but it sounds like maybe you were found in some linkfarms or involved in some shady stuff?

But try out the webmaster tools, it will give you a real-time report on what your issues are.
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Response by poster: When I type the URL into Google I get nothing. Also, when I insert "site: URL" into Google search, I get zero results. My meta tags are fine. They do not say do not say "noindex" or "nofollow." I have not done anything that breaks the google guidelines and am not doing anything shady to get better SEO.

I was formerly ranked very high for dozen of keywords because my site has lots of content and has generated an audience organically. I have looked at Google's webmaster tools and they offer no assistance since they find no problems with any of my pages, with the exception of a few 404s. (I'm being cagey about the URL because I'm a journalist and may do a story)
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Response by poster: Forgot to mention this earlier -- but thanks for your responses thus far ...
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Which site is being blocked? the iamnotlying... site in your profile is not blocked. Did you check who's linking to you in other search engines? Any spam bloggers?
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The webmaster tools will tell you the last time your site was indexed, the frequency with which it is indexed and any problems experienced last time it tried to index your site, page ranks, keywords and other useful information.

Sometimes sites do just randomly disappear for a while, I've had it happen before and the site came back about a month later, PR in-tact.
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If Google had to guarantee that every site was indexed properly, they simply couldn't operate, it would be way to expensive.
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