I need a specialized scrolling list
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I need to create scrolling list, with something a bit extra.

I need to create a scrolling list. It's for a list of about 300 servers, which we currently have in a drop-down menu, but is really hard to scroll through manually. So I need to change this drop down list to a scrollable list and add functionality to the list to enable me to type out the name of a server, then be taken to that server name in the list, a la what Windows Explorer does when you start typing a file or folder name. (i.e., I start typing a file name, and it takes me to the files that start with what I've typed so far, and then finally takes me to the file I want once I've typed enough or all of the filename.)

How can I do this? I'll take any suggestions, whether in html, java, or whatever. I'm an IT dork, but not a web designer by any stretch of the imagination, so explanations that are detailed will be appreciated.
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Best answer: Your current HTML drop-down is created with a SELECT tag, probably <SELECT NAME="server"> or similar. If you add MULTIPLE (<SELECT MULTIPLE NAME="server">), it will become a scrolling list with the search-as-you-type functionality you describe. The form will still work the same way, so you won't have to change the way the backend gets the data.

Caveat: doing this will also allow people to select multiple servers from the list, which the backend won't be expecting, so you may have to change it to accommodate for that.
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Something like this or this might be easier for people to use.
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Can't you do this with any drop-down menu? I do it all the time. Open the menu by clicking or tabbing to select it, start typing.
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Response by poster: Thanks, pocams. I just talked to my boss and he wants to try some other techniques before we go to a search-as-you-type box, but I think that'll work.

Kirkaracha, thanks for the info as well. I'm not sure if we're going to implement Ajax on our portal, though.

loiseau, no, that standard search-as-you-type is limited to the first letter of the word, only. With 300+ servers, each having long names and 200 of them having the same first 6-7 letters, it's a difficult thing to sort through.
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I guess it must depend on browser.
For example in this form (specifically "month") you can type as long as it takes to get a match.
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(I use that example just because it was one I used recently that I could remember. I don't think it's uncommon though. I use FF/OSX/PPC )
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