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My monitor is alternately displaying a message "OSD Lockout" (2 x 5 inch box in the middle of the screen) and then displays the actual OSD (on screen display). I cannot bring the OSD up, I can't move the selector when the OSD pops up on its own, I can't get the messages to stop. It will loop endlessly. Any ideas?

The monitor is an HP 1940T 19" LCD. I've done a lot of searches and I can't seem to find much on this. I found this link and it looks like this is a known issue for the 17" version and the fix is to replace the button. This Other Link discusses the same issue and says to just snip the wires (thereby disabling the OSD, but stopping the annoyance).

My question really is this. Has anyone ever dealt with this or a similar issue that would require similar fixes? I'd like to think I'm relatively tech savvy, but I can't seem to visualize exactly what the guy in the first link is describing on how to replace the button. Also, the HP support website has been unusually trying for me to navigate and when I finally DID find a form to fill out, I got a response back to me under a different name than my own. I'll probably keep trying that avenue and send messages to the user in the above link, but I figured I'd try my luck here as well.

What I'm really trying to do is avoid having to send back the monitor and either going monitorless for a few weeks while it's being repaird or have to spend money on another temp monitor in the interim. Mine is just over a year old, so the newegg warranty is expired.
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It's most likely just a button physically stuck in the "pressed down" position. Cutting the wires seems a bit extreme to me. Opening the case to unstick the button would definitely do the trick, and you may not even have to do that -- just a bit of judiciously applied 3-in-1 oil might be all you need.
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I'd agree, but try running something slim in around the button's borders first. You can often unstick a button by poking around with a slim piece of firm plastic.
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Good advice from the first two posters.

I feel sure you've already tried this, but there's a slim possibility that you could fix the problem by unplugging the monitor from the wall (or, more likely, the power strip) for a minute or two.
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